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August 15, 2010
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This is based on "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity"!! Except I will make some personal changes to outfits and boards, so on some characters, the outfits may be differant to the ones on the game, same with some characters boards!!!

Amy: Sonic!!! *Gives him a death hug* I'm so glad to see you!!
Sonic: Yeah! Me, urr, two!
Knuckles: Hey Sonic?
Sonic: Yeah?
Knuckles: Have you heard about that "World Grand Prix"???
Sonic: Yeah, I have already entered!!
Amy: *Inner thoughts* If I entered this competition, I could prove to Sonic that I am the perfect person for him!!! *End of thoughts* Knuckles?
Knuckles: What?
Amy: Can anyone enter?
Knuckles: Anyone that has a board, so I guess, that excludes you! *Laughs*
Amy: *Pouts* I do have a board!! You'll see!! I'll enter that stupid competition and win!!! *Runs off* YOU'LL SEEE!!!!!!!!
Knuckles: Yeah course she does!


Rouge: Yeah, I entered that competition as well! I heard that Cream, Blaze, Silver, Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, Eggman, Jet, Wave, Storm and Shadow entered it too!
Amy: SHADOW???!!!
Rouge: Yeah, I know! Shadow, racing!
Amy: No, its not that, its the fact that this is a social event, and he isnt a very sociable person!!
Rouge: Yup! So do you have a board?
Amy: Yup! *Inner thoughts* No! I need to get one from somewhere!! *End of thoughts* Ok Rouge, I'll cya later, I have to go pick an outfit for Thursday, when the tournament begins!!
Rouge: Ok bye!!
Amy: *Leaves Rouges house*


Amy: I need to find a hover board, but where?
Tails: Hey Amy!
Amy: Oh, hi Tails! I hear you entered that tournament!
Tails: Yup! I made my own board!
Amy: I knew you would!!
Tails: I heard you haven't got a board yet?
Amy: Yeah, I dont know where I can get one though!!
Tails: If you like, I can give you my spare one, I made that one along with mine, because its always handy to have a spare!
Amy: Are you serious?
Tails: Sure!
Amy: Thanks Tails!!!
Tails: The only problem is, it is a blank one, it has no paint on it what-so-ever!
Amy: I can easily spray paint it!
Tails: Ok then! Come with me to my work shop and I'll show you what it can do!!
Amy: Ok! *Follows Tails to his work shop*


Tails: Ok, so press this button to change gear, press this one for a gravity dive and this one for a Gravity drift!!
Amy: Ok, thanks Tails!! Your the best!
Tails: No prob! *Hands her the board* Do you want to see mine?
Amy: Sure!
Tails: *Pulls out his board* This is mine! Its called the "Yellow Tail"!!!
Amy: Cool!! Well, I best be off, I need to get my board ready in time for the tournament!!!
Tails: Bye Amy!! Cya later!!
Amy: *Walks out*
Sonic: *Runs in* Tails!!!
Tails: What is it Sonic?
Sonic: I need a board!! Mine broke and I dont have time to fix it!!
Tails: Sorry Sonic, I gave my spare board to Amy!
Sonic: Why the hell did you do that??? I said keep it for me in case mine breaks!!!!!
Tails: Did you? Sorry! If you want the board, you'll have to try talking to Amy!
Sonic: Great! Thanks alot Tails! *Runs off to find Amy*


Amy: Hmm, these are the perfect colours!!! *Shakes the can of spray-paint*
Sonic: *Runs in* AMY STOP!!!!!!!!!!
Amy: Huh? SONIC!!!! *Hugs him* Whats wrong?
Sonic: I need that board! *Picks it up* Thanks!
Amy: *Grabs the board* HEY!!! Thats mine Sonic!!
Sonic: But I need it!! *Puppy dog eyes*
Amy: No! Its my board, I need it! Anyway, what happened to yours?
Sonic: It broke, and I dont have time to fix it!! *Yanks the board out of her hands* Thank you!
Amy: *Pulls her hammer out and whacks him on the head* ITS MINE!!!!
Sonic: *Drops the board and grabs his head in pain* OWW!!! What was that for???!!!
Amy: For trying to steal my board!!! *Picks the board up and puts it back where it was*
Sonic: I'll go on a da *Chokes* date with you if you give me the god damn board!
Amy: Really?
Sonic: NO!! *Grabs the board and runs*
Amy: HEYY!!!!!!!! GET BACK HERE!!!! *Chases him*
Sonic: *Pulls a face at her* Hahahaha los........ *Bumps into someone*
???: Hey, watch your step you idiot!!!
Sonic: Huh? Shadow? What r u doing here?
Shadow: What? Am I not allowed to take a stroll down the street? Now what are you running from?
Amy: GIVE ME MY BOARD BACK!!!!! *Catches up to him and grabs his arm*
Sonic: *Sighs* Her! Could you help me out here Shad?
Shadow: *Inner thoughts* Who is this majestic pink hedgehog? Wait, what am I thinking?! *End of thoughts*
Sonic: SHADOW!!!! Help me out a little?
Shadow: Hmph, why are you dragging on his arm like that?
Amy: I want my board back, he stole it from me!!!
Shadow: *Takes the board from Sonic* Some hero you are, stealing from an innocent pink hedgehog! *Gives Amy her board*
Sonic: Whatever! *Pulls a face at him* Now Amy, I need that board more than you! In fact, you probably dont even know how to ride the damn thing!
Amy: Oh really?  *Jumps on the board and flies around them* Then what am I doing now then?
Sonic: Ah fuck you bitch, I hate you! And I will never go on a date with you!!! *Pulls a face at her then runs off*
Amy: No!! He doesnt mean that!! *Flies off on her board crying*
Shadow: *Inner thoughts* No! Come back!!


Amy: *Ripping pictures of Sonic from her wall, tearing them to shreds and throwing them in the bin* I hate you Sonic, I hate you with all my heart!!! *Tears the last picture off the wall* Two days left until the tournament, I'm gonna show that Sonic-jerk that I have more skill than he does!! But, I need to paint my board today, and get a whole new wardrobe, coz the crap I have in my wardrobe, its unbelievable!!! I always hated that stupid red dress, I was only wearing it because I thought Sonic liked it!! GRR!!! My favorite colours were always light blue and black!! And they're exactly the colours I'm gonna use to paint my board!! *Goes downstairs* Fuck that blue hedgehog, I cant understand why I followed him round like an idiot all those years. All those fuckin wasted years!!! *Goes into her kitchen* God I'm starving, I didnt make any dinner last night! Coz of that fuckin blue bastard trying to fuckin steal my board again!!!! *Makes her breakfast*


Amy: Now I'm dressed in my new clothes, time to spray paint my board!! *Goes into her garage*
???: Hello!
Amy: Shadow? What are you doing in my garage??
Shadow: Well, I was staying with Rouge, but she kicked me out! I couldnt find anywhere to sleep so I snuck into your garage!
Amy: In other words, you were trying to steal my board!!
Shadow: No! Why would I steal your board? I have my own right here! *Pulls his board out*
Amy: Ok, ok, sorry! I'm just a little jumpy because Sonic keeps trying to steal my board!!!
Shadow: Its ok! So why did you come in here?
Amy: I need to paint my board!
Shadow: Pink/red at a guess?
Amy: Pfft, no! Light blue and black! *Brings out spray paint cans* Since you got kicked out, you can stay at my place. I hate the fact that a friend of mine, is homeless!
Shadow: You'd consider me a friend?
Amy: Well dur! You've helped us out so many times!
Shadow: *Mutters* Only when you ask.
Amy: Huh? What did you say?
Shadow: Nothing! Can I help in any way?
Amy: Could you teach me?
Shadow: Teach you what?
Amy: How to do a few tricks, I know quite a few, but I need to know a few more if I'm going to beat that asshole of a blue hedgehog!
Shadow: Umm, sure! *Inner thoughts* Her new outfit suits her way better than that red dress, the way it shows off her figure.....No! Stop thinking these stupid thoughts!! *Looks away from Amy*
Amy: *Shakes a can of light blue spray paint* Ok, Shadow?
Shadow: Yes?
Amy: Could you help me paint it as well? I made the designs already! *Shows him the designs*
Shadow: O.O Those designs, did you make them yourself?
Amy: Yup!
Shadow: Sure, I'll help! *Grabs a can of black spray paint*
Amy: Ok, just follow the designs and it should look fine!! *Starts spraying the board*
Shadow: *Sprays the board*


Amy: Wow!! It looks awsome!! Thanks Shadow!
Shadow: No problem!!
Amy: It'll take about 5 minutes to dry, so do you want to come in for a drink?
Shadow: Sure! *Follows Amy inside her house*
Amy: What do you want to drink? *Looks through the fridge*
Shadow: *See's that Amy is bending over to look in the fridge, so her ass is in the air* Oh god! *Stares without realising*
Amy: I have, coffee, tea, orange juice, water, coke. What do you want? *Closes the fridge*
Shadow: *Looks away* Oh, I'll just have some water.
Amy: Would you like ice with that?
Shadow: Sure.
Amy: *Hands him a glass of ice cold water* Thanks for helping me Shad! *Drinks some of her water*
Shadow: Oh, no problem! Listen, I need to take a walk, I'll be back in about 10 minutes!! We'll practise when I come back!! *Walks out with his board*
Amy: Oh, ok, cya later then!! *Goes to the garage and gets her board* I'll practise by myself for a while then!!


Shadow: God, what is this feeling, I know I'm her friend, but does my heart say that we should be something more?? I've been thinking about her so much, the way her little tail wags when she's happy, the way her eyes sparkle in the sun, the fact that she is just absoloutly stunning! Lord help me!! I cant get her off my mind!!


Amy: I wonder whats up with Shadow!  *Does a few tricks, then see's Sonic* Heh heh, he has his board, maybe I should challenge him to a race!! HEY FAKER???!!!!
Sonic: Oh great, its Shadow!! *Spins round* AMY??? What the hell do you want?
Amy: Its time to put my board to the test, race me?
Sonic: Sure, but I'll win and you know it!
Amy: Dont be so sure! *Holds her board under her arm* First one to the park wins!!
Sonic: Oh, your on!! *Stands on his board*
Amy: 3, 2, 1. GO!!! *Runs with her board fpr 3 seconds then jumps on it*
Sonic: *Starts on his board straight away, causing him to wobble a bit*
Amy: *Zooms ahead* Gear change!! *Changes gear* YOU'LL HAVE TO HURRY UP IF YOU WANT TO WIN SONIC!!! *Is almost at the park gate*
Sonic: Dammit!! GEAR CHANGE!!! *Changes gear, and almost catches up with Amy*
Amy: *Reaches the park*
Sonic: Dammit, how did u beat me?
Amy: Skill! One thing you are lacking!! Now, bye!! *Flies off back to her house*
I was playing "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity" and it gave me this idea, so I thought I would write it up!
ENJOY!!! :D :boogie:
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iloveshadamy4life May 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Awesome I hope your making a seaquel plzzzzzzzzzz your stories are so awesome by the way hehe
Shadamyisthebestlol Jun 15, 2013  Student Photographer
I know what he's saying what the fu**
Brookstata Jun 3, 2011  Student Writer
This is awesome your on fire! No seriously you are.
Brookstata Jun 4, 2011  Student Writer
Lol :rofl:
SashaXShadow Aug 15, 2010  Student General Artist
i love that game! my nine year old brother and i finished it in like three days tops.
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